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Sales Tip #7

“In sales you should set goals that motivate but do not frustrate you.” Simona Vzes

Explanation: Basen on my personal sales experience, the goal of only hitting sales targets to earn commision only frustrates me and my colleagues. Frustration and sales do not really go together because people can read it in your face and will most likely send you away (however great your speech may be). I rather forget sales targets (at least partially) till the end of the workday and put 100 percent effort for such goals as increasing team performance so that the whole team would be proud to have me as a team member who can help and advise others. Another positive goal example is proving everyone your extraordinary sales talents. In short, a sales professional should be motivated by future achievements but not fears and I can assure you that as soon as I learned it (however simple it may sound), my sales results dramatically improved and even supervisors started asking my advice! Teams also started selecting me as their preffered team member. These are great achievements for me!


Sales Tip #6

“4 Ps of sales: professional, positive, personal & persistent.” Simona  Vzes

4 Sales Ps explained:

  • Professional: Clean and tidy professional clothing as well as professional manners inspire trust and commitment on the part of others.
  • Positive: Positivity elicits positivity. Therefore being positive you may find it much easier to sell to people. You should be positive in not only about how you look but also about what you sell.
  • Personal: You have to approach each customer in a customized way based on their needs and desires.
  • Persistent: You cannot just walk away when people tell you “no,” unless there are serious reasons that you ought to respect. Being persistent in a way that is in sync with needs and desires of your potential customers should ultimately lead to success.

Sales Tip #5

One of my colleagues who is brilliant at selling once told me that for her “a customer’s ‘NO’ is the first sign of selling.” However strange it may sound, in many successful cases of sales it is actually true. As long as your targeted customers reveal their doubts and arguments against buying your product or service, you have a good chance of eliminating these fears and turn them into profits!

Sales Tip #3

“Remember that you are selling primarily not a product or service but value as perceived by your targeted customer.” Simona Vzes

Explanation: You can hardly sell a product or service if you do not know the needs and desires of your target audience. Needs and desires of customers are often not explicit but you may want to make sure you discover these to achieve greater sales success.